Who we are

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„Let’s finally stop revolving around ourselves and think about helping others.”

The La Cinta Foundation was created by women in remission from cancer. Our stories are different, but you already know them. There have been obstacles in our paths that someone has helped us overcome.

We feel the greatest joy when we share what we have received from you. We help and advise people like us, i.e. cancer patients and their families in different areas of life. We create the world around us. Everyone has dreams and wants to fulfill them. Everyone has worries and fears. Does everyone know how to help themselves? Does everyone know how to do it? Does everyone have the courage to take a step forward? We are here to help you get out of bed before you take your first step.
Because each of us, fit or not … has once given the Time to Live.


What is our mission


About us 1 - Fundacja La Cinta

Oncological illness concerns not only the sick person but also his closest ones: family, neighbours, co-workers.

The current fashion is beauty and health – A sick person is pushed away, isolated. They are often left alone. They are excluded from social, societal, family life. They are treated as if they were sick with an infectious disease or, on the contrary, with pity, compassion.

Cancer means big problems for the whole family.

It is difficult to reconcile the disease with everyday life, taking care of children, taking care of the house. It also takes away intimate life. The disease changes the body of the patient. Not everyone close to the patient is ready to support them. There are often betrayals and even breakups. Children take on the role of adults, taking care of the abandoned patient. Loneliness is difficult for the sick person. Treatment is very hard. Additional changes in personal life worsen the condition. Psychological systemic care of the family is limited. One has to wait a year for the first appointment with a psychologist, then appointments are once a quarter. Fear of relapse paralyzes the entire family. Conflicts arise. The atmosphere at home is tense, as if something is hanging in the air and is about to explode.

I don’t know how to say this, but you probably know the feeling. Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and other treatments are very important. However, we forget about mental well-being. The right mental attitude has a significant impact on treatment outcomes.

La Cinta Foundation exists for you and your loved ones.

We are here to help you through this difficult period. We are here so that you are not alone, helpless and scared. We are here to give you the opportunity to find inner balance, strength, peace and to know yourself anew.

Our goal is to improve your mental health. We periodically provide a program for patients and their families.

Comfort and safety are very important.

During the period of intensive increase in the incidence of malignant tumors, during COVID epidemic we support the healing process through physical, mental and emotional rehabilitation. We organize meetings, workshops, lectures and activity classes in a friendly atmosphere.

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